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1952 Steel Crisis pamphlets

Collection of pamphlets from various unions and the United States government about the conflicts and strikes in the first administration of President Harry S. Truman.

1984 Los Angeles Olympics ephemera

The 1984 Los Angeles Olympics ephemera contains promotional materials, ephemera and newspapers published during or for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, which were held in Los Angeles from July 28 to August 12, 1984.

19th century photographs collection

Tintype, ambrotype, cartes-de-visite, and cabinet card portrait photographs of the Civil War period (soldiers and civilians).

19th century theatrical photographs album

This photograph album consists of photographs of actors and actresses, many in theatrical costume and posies, as well as photographs of stage sets with actors. The actors, actresses and productions are unidentified.

19th century theatrical programs, newspapers, and broadside collection

Newspapers, broadsides, theatrical programs and bulletins, and meeting programs, 1859-1890, published primarily in Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and San Francisco. While the majority of the materials are theatrically related, the collection does include an issue of the Daily Stage, a...

299. Infanterie-Division records

This collection consists of documents from the 299th Infantry Division of the German Wehrmacht. The 299th Infantry Division was formed in February 1940 as part of the 8th Wave. Its fought primarily in France from 1940 to 1941 and then...

Abolish Cross-Filing in California records

This collection contains the records of the group formed by John B. Elliott to abolish the practice of cross-filing in California (Abolish Cross-Filing in California). Cross-filing is a practice that permits candidates for political office to register in multiple parties...

Actors and Actresses scrapbook

This bound scrapbook contains photographic portraits of theater and movie actors and actresses clipped from popular magazines in the years 1917 and 1918. Many are accompanied by brief blurbs about the individual's career. A bookplate on the inside cover indicates...

Air Mail clippings scrapbook

The Air Mail clippings scrapbook contains clippings, primarily from the the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Examiner, 1924-1931, that document the development of air mail service in the United States, Mexico and South America during that same period....

Allan Hancock Foundation Archive

The Allan Hancock Foundation Archive contains records of the Foundation set up at the University of Southern California by G. Allan Hancock for the purpose of furthering oceanographic studies. These records also include those materials from the library and museum...

Allied Control Council broadsides

The Allied Control Council or Allied Control Authority, also referred to as the Four Powers, was a military occupation governing body of the Allied Occupation Zones in Germany after the end of World War II in Europe. Following its establishment...

American advertising ephemera collection

A collection of advertising fliers, brochures, booklets and catalogs for household appliances and products, all aimed specifically at women, dating from the 1860s to the 1930s. The collection includes trade catalogs for heating sources, stoves, porcelain sinks, vacuums, "wear-ever" cookware,...

American Guild of Organists records

Established in 1908, the Southern California Chapter of the American Guild of Organists is a local chapter of the national professional association serving the organ and choral music fields. This collection contains the records of the Los Angeles and Pasadena...

American literature broadsides collection

This small collection includes some of the broadsides and examples of fine press and letterpress printing collected by USC Libraries Special Collections for its American Literature Collection.

American literature sheet music collection

This small collection of sheet music consists of music published between 1872 and 1940 (with the bulk published 1900s-1930s). The bulk of the music consists of lyrics written by significant American writers, including Booth Tarkington, Ring Lardner, Amy Lowell, Edna...

Anonymous Hungarian Jew diary

Diary written by an unidentified Hungarian Jew. 66 entries from March 19, 1944 to January 17, 1945, describe the diarist's experiences while working for the Jewish Council in Budapest, as a prisoner of the Nyilas, working as a trench digger...

Arkatov (James) photographs

James Arkatov was a cellist who photographed famous concert soloists performing. This collection consists of black and white prints of the photographs he took between 1946 and 1990.

Arthur de Carvalho photographs

The Arthur de Carvalho photographs consist of images of sculpture, temples, landscapes, and people, taken in China and India, by Dr. de Carvalho.

Ashenfelter (Orion) papers

A collection of nineteen letters written by Orion Ashenfelter to his family while on his tour of duty in the U.S. Navy, which began on January 29, 1900. Included in these letters is an eyewitness account of events during the...

Aviation clippings scrapbook

The Aviation clippings scrapbook contains clippings, primarily from the the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Examiner, 1924-1929, that document the development of aviation in the United States during that same period, including the aviation industry, aviation and the...

Bagley (Charles Leland) papers

This collection contains the personal papers of Charles Leland Bagley, along with records pertaining to the American Federation of Musicians. Bagley was a musician and lawyer who lived in Los Angeles and who was active in the AFM Local 47...

Barber School of Speech scrapbook

The Barber School of Speech scrapbook contains clippings, announcements, programs, notes, cards, and other types of printed ephemera, 1901-1980 (bulk 1922-1940), collected by Julia Barber, founder and director of the school. The scrapbook documents the activities of Mrs. Barber, a...

Batons collection

Two conductors batons, 19th century, one from Germany, one from the United States.

"Beatitude" #32 publication records

The "Beatitude" #32 publication records, 1980-1982, consists of typescripts, drawings, notes, and mockups for issue number 32 of "Beatitude", the San Francisco magazine of beat poetry. Drafts of poems by Janice Blue, Neeli Cherkovski, Louis Collins, Gregory Corso, Kirby Doyle,...

Berstl (Julius) papers

Literary archive of the German emigre author and playwright Julius Berstl (1883-1975). The collection includes typescripts, manuscripts, personal and professional correspondence, personal and biographical documents, theater memorabilia, and a small number of literary journals, both in English and in German....

Bieler Press broadsides

This collection consists of a single broadside, "Rabbits Do Not Know What They Want", printed by Bieler Press for Granary Books (1986) and a suite of broadsides "intended to be an introduction to three local publishers of literature who practice...

Bierce (Ambrose) correspondence collection

Letters from Ambrose Bierce to a variety of correspondents, including Samuel Loveman, B.J.S. Cahill, and Burnette G. Haskell. The collection also includes copies of some of Bierce's contracts with Neale Publishing, and pamphlets advertising his "Collected Works."

Black Panther Party publications

Newspapers published by the Black Panther Party and other writings and publications associated with the Black Panther Party.

Boden (Reynold) papers

Collected sermons of Rev. Reynold B. Boden (1893-1965), British-born lecturer at USC on comparative religion, 1936-1953.

Bondi (Don) collection of dance programs and publications

Programs from performances of ballet, modern dance, and musicals; pamphlets and journal offprints discussing dance and dancers.

Bradbury (Ray) papers

Collection contains signed typescripts of Ray Bradbury's short stories "The Everlasting Clock," "The Man Upstairs," "Powerhouse," and "Skeleton." Also included in the collection are his introduction to Jules Verne's and six letters from Bradbury to Dorothy Faulkner, dated 1950-1962....

British manuscripts teaching collection

15 British manuscripts and manuscript fragments, dating from approximately 1540-1700.

Britton (Ira M.) papers

The Ira M. Britton papers consist of letters, photographs, certificates and notebooks created and collected by American serviceman Ira Britton during World War II. Britton served in both the the Royal Canadian Air Force and the United States Navy. Together,...

Broadside ballads collection

Collection of broadside ballads from England. Broadside (or broadsheet) ballads were one of the most common forms of printed material produced between the 16th and 19th centuries in England, Ireland, and North America. They centered on popular subject matter such...

Bronson (Lillian) papers

This collection contains ephemera, correspondence, and clippings documenting the career of stage and film actress Lillian Bronson (1902-1955). Bronson appeared in more than eighty films and was Fonzi's grandmother on the television show .

Brown (Margaret De Motte) photographs

130 black and white photographs of historic Dutch houses and nearby landscapes in New York's Hudson Valley (Albany, Ulster, Dutchess and Westchester Counties) taken by photographer Margaret De Motte Brown in the 1920s. Each is signed. The images were used...

Brown (Ross) theater photographs

This collection contains stereoscopic and 35mm slides and black and white photographs taken of Los Angeles theatre and ballet performances. The photographs in the collection were taken by Ross Brown, who photographed performances in Southern California in the 1940s and...

Bukowski (Charles) papers

The collection includes Charles Bukowski's (1920-1994) original poetry and short stories, along with drafts of Women, Factotum, Ham on Rye, Post Office, and Barfly; screenplays based on Bukowski's fiction; periodical appearances; tape recordings; and ephemera.

Cadmus Editions records

Publisher's archives for the following Cadmus titles: A Short Guide to the High Places (Tom Clark, 1981) The Great Naropa Poetry Wars (Tom Clark, 1980) Nights We Put the Rock Together (Clayton Eshleman, 1980) Vision of the Fathers of Lescaux...

California Civic Light Opera Association records

Papers, letters, reports, Board meeting minutes books and records which relate to the formation and management of the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera Association (LACLO) and the subsequent California Civic Light Opera Association formed by the merger of the LACLO...

California Hands Across America records

The records of the California office of Hands Across America include correspondence, memoranda, promotional materials, newspaper clippings, and ephemera. Held on May 25, 1986, Hands Across America was a benefit event staged to raise money to fight hunger and homelessness.

California Missions collection of inventories, reports, and other material

The twenty-one documents in this collection, primarily inventories, account books, and annual reports from five California missions, show economic and social aspects of life at the missions. The documents, written in Spanish and dated from 1791-1846, provide information about the...

Canal Zone Railroad crosstie

Section of railroad crosstie from the first railroad in Panama; "It was necessary to bore holes for the spikes owing to hardness [of the lignum vitae used for the tie]".

Carpe Diem Press records

The collection consists of the archives of the Carpe Diem Press, consisting of maquettes for books, ephemeral items, notes, art works, test prints, textile samples, and cover samples. Also included are posters and information about James hd Brown's work, and...

Chicago newspapers about William McKinley

This is a small collection of newspapers published in Chicago between 1898 and 1901 that contain front-page articles about President William McKinley, primarily his election and his assassination. Included are editions of the Chicago Daily Tribune, the Sunday Times-Herald, the...

Christian Missionaries publications

Publications of French and German missionary groups, reporting on their work in Africa and the Far East. Collection includes extended runs of Nachrichten aus der Bruer-Gemeinde, Bruder (Missions-Blatt fur Kinder), and Les Missions d'Afrique for the period 1860-1925.

Clark (Tom) papers

Drafts and galleys of Writer: A Life of Jack Kerouac and The Exile of Celine; Kerouac chronology; notes for the 1986 Olson Lectures; holograph notebooks; typescript poems and articles by Clark (b.1941).

Clayonian Literary Society Lecture Committee records

The Clayonian Literary Society was charged with inviting notable persons of the day to speak at its meetings. George Long Hutchings, a banker, was chairman of the Clayonian Society of Newark, New Jersey at least until 1871. Some of the...

Clifford (A.M.) papers

Economic surveys and "war loan" data, ca. 1943, from the office of Los Angeles investment counselor A.M. Clifford, one of the first investment counselors in the United States.

Corbett (Elizabeth) papers

Correspondence between novelist Elizabeth Corbett (b. 1887, Aurora, Ill., d. 1981, New York, NY) and Laura Burmeister; includes typescript poems.

Coudron (Victor) papers

Poems, plays, novels by French author Victor Coudron. The majority are manuscripts. Also includes notes made by the author, correspondence with an editor, and clippings.

Coulter Dry Goods Company records

Family history of B. F. Coulter, photographs, business correspondence, clippings; photographs of window and counter displays. The family business was founded in 1878 in Los Angeles and flourished until the 1960s.

Cray (Ed) papers

Ed Cray (b. 1933) is a veteran journalist and associate professor of journalism at USC. The collection includes Volumes 1-18 (1949-67) of the liberal West Coast political weekly/monthly Frontier Magazine, edited by Phil Kerby. Cray often wrote for the publication....

Crowl (Charles William) collection of German travel ephemera

Printed ephemera collected by the donor's aunt on a trip to Germany in 1936. Includes a guidebook for Hamburg, 2 postcards and a brochure for the Berlin Central-Hotel, events calendar for the week of July 7-13, 1936 for Berlin, a...

Das Gesundheitswesen Der Stadt Warschau report

Report prepared for the German government on diseases and healthcare problems in Warsaw from September 1939 though March 1942 and potential epidemic situations. The bombing of Warsaw left about 40% of the city without fresh water or functioning sewers. The...

DeLay (Theodore S.) collection of Armed Forces Radio Service memorandums, reports, and other material

Research archive for a history of AFRS activity during World War II. The military radio service broadcast news and entertainment by shortwave wherever U.S. forces were engaged.

D'Elia (Lou) collection on George Hurrell

George Hurrell began his career as a photographer working for MGM during the Golden Age of Hollywood, during which time he photographed some of the most famous movie stars of the period, and as a result became one of the...

Deputy Judge Advocates Office, 7708 War Crimes Group, Headquarters European Command War Crimes Reviews and Recommendations collection

Copies of 7 "Review and Recommendations of the Deputy Judge Advocate for War Crimes" for United States vs Hans Altfuldisch et al, United States vs Friederich Becker et al, United States v. Josias Prince zu Waldeck et al, United States...

Diary of a Nazi Girl report

Produced by Headquarters 52nd Antiaircraft Artillery Brigade, APO 654, US Army, this 13 typewritten, stapled pages, translated from German to English, is the second installment of the diary of a young girl in the Hitler Youth who lived in American-occupied...

Dick (Christian R.) collection of bookplates

Ex-Libris in ring binders, boxed, and in envelopes, collected by former USC librarian (Miss) Christian R. Dick (1883-1954); correspondence; index.

Dick Jones Picture Co. Charles M. Russell prints

11 prints of paintilgs by Charles M. Russell: The Strenuous Life; The Mad Cow; Cowboy Sport; The Cinch Ring; A Serious Predicament; Capturing the Grizzly; A Bronc to Breakfast; The SLick Ear; Jerked Down; Sagebrush Sport; Heads or Tails. Of...

Dime Novel catalogs and publications

Sales catalogs dedicated to American dime novels, and journals that contain, either whole or in part, articles devoted to dime novels and their authors.

Doolittle (Harold L.) collection of art prints

Prints by various artists, including John Taylor Arms and Arthur H. Heintzelman, from Harold L. Doolittle's collection; 41 prints from the Printmakers' Society of California (1922-64); about 150 prints by artists of the U.S. and Europe of the period 1915-1950;...

Dryer (John) Upton Sinclair photographs, clippings, and other materials

Photographs and clippings by and about Upton Sinclair, created and collected by photographer John Dryer in the 1960s. Included are photographs of Sinclair taken by Dryer; two reels of an interview of Sinclair conducted by Dryer; copies of celebrity letters...

Dundes (Alan) articles

Copies of articles written by Alan Dundes on various aspects of folkore and folkore history.

Einstein (Albert) "Annalen der Physik" Papers collection

Included in this collection are On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies, On a Heuristic Point of View about the Creation and Conversion of Light, On the Movement of Small Particles Suspended in a Stationary Liquid Demanded by the Molecular-Kinetic Theory...

Einstein (Sigmund) Gestapo document

Sigmund Einstein was born in Munich on July 20, 1899. He was a Jewish unskilled worker whose home and other assets were taken during the 1940s. This collection contains Gestapo documents regarding the seizure of his assets.

Eisenshtat (Sidney) Papers

USC alumnus Sidney Eisenshtat was a prolific Los Angeles architect best known for his innovative modern synagogues and Jewish educational buildings, although he also designed many noteworthy commercial structures and schools, as well as residential projects, during his long career...

Erna Reich papers

Papers of Erna (Sascha) Marcuse, nee Reich (1905-1967). They consist predominantly of her correspondence with a boyfriend, Emil Kuehne, during the early 1920s, but also include other miscellaneous personal effects from her years in Los Angeles. Erna Reich was a...

European prints collection

This small collection consists of mostly 18th and 19th century European prints. Artists represented include Pierre Numa Basaget, Anne Claude de Caylus, George Follitt, Francois Jacques Dequevauviller, Edouard Hocquart, Gabriel Huquier, James Gabriel Huquier, Jean Francois Daumont, Georg Balthasar Probst,...

Federal Theatre Project scripts

This collection contains scripts for plays performed by the Federal Theatre Project, which was operated between 1935 and 1939 as a part of the Work Progress Administration. The Los Angeles branch of the project produced over 195 plays.

Feuchtwanger (Martin) papers

Correspondence between Martin Feuchtwanger and his family, primarily his son Klaus. Also includes photographs of the family. Martin Feuchtwanger, younger brother of Lion Feuchtwanger, was a German writer, journalist and publisher. He was the editor of the Saale Zeitung, and...

Fields (Armond) American Theatre collection

This collection documents the history of the American stage before talking cinema, reflecting the birth and death of vaudeville and the advent of the modern Broadway musical. The collection includes books, posters, theater programs, sheet-music covers, souvenirs, rare film footage...

Flournoy (William) collection of World War I letters, leaflets, and other material

This small collection, gathered by William R. Flournoy, father of former California State Controller Houston Flournoy, consists of letters from the front; leaflets from points-of-interest in England and France; copy of an Army field manual belonging to Flournoy.

Foley (Zoraya Filema) journal

A 30 page journal written between April 14 and June 1, 1907 by Zoraya Filema Foley. Foley was 14 years old when she wrote the journal. The entries describe her activities as a young lady of some means in early...

Forthmann family photographs

This collection consists of photographs of members of the Forthmann family, one of the first prominent families in Los Angeles at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century. John Albert Forthmann I was a German...

Fox (Edward A.) letters

The Edward A. Fox letters consists of 33 letters written by Union Sergeant Fox to his mother Hannah J. Fox during the period August 1862-February 1863, and more than 50 letters and notes written to his fiancee (later wife) Jennie...

Garland (Hamlin) papers

The Hamlin Garland papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, photographs, and memorabilia, by and about the American realist writer. Hamlin Garland (1860-1940) was a Pulitzer Prize-winning author who once held the title of "Dean of American Letters" and counted many...

Garrett (Henry) photograph album

Album of photographs, mostly cartes-de-visite, depicting members of the extended Garrett family from Ireland. The album also includes a few scenic photographs. Inscribed on the verso of the first page: "Henry Garrett's Family album/1876-1896".

General Historical Manuscripts and Ephemera collection

This artificially created collection consists of notes, letters, documents, and photographs created by and for important American historical figures, 1790-1928 and undated. Of particular historical interest are the letters written by Thomas Jefferson, William Smith, and Eugene Debs, and the...

General Literary Manuscripts collection

The General Literary Manuscripts collection is an artificially created collection comprised chiefly of literary works and manuscript fragments of well-known writers and other public figures. The time covered is late 17th century to the first half of the 20th century.

General Music Manuscripts collection

This small, artifical collection consists of materials relating to 19th and 20th century musicians--sheet music, a photograph, a letter, clippings, programs, and a postcard.

German Army Uniforms and Insignia brochure

Informational brochure (in English) of German army and air force uniforms and insignia.

German concentration camp prisoners letters

Two letters written by prisoners in the German concentration camps of Gross-Rosen and Sachsenhausen.

German Theater and Movie programs

The collection consists predominantly of theater, cabaret, opera, and movie programs from European German-speaking countries, 1929-1937.

Gerrard (Saida) papers

The collection consists of costumes, manuscripts, programs, photographs, and clippings pertaining to choreographer/dancer Saida Gerrard from the 1930s through the 1970s.

Getty (J. Paul) collection

Clipping service scrapbooks on the later life of Getty (1892-1976), the construction of the Getty Museum in Malibu, and the settlement of his estate; clippings and photographs of the museum; album of letters, 1955-56, to Getty regarding his book, Collector's...

Greene & Greene Virtual Archives

The Greene & Greene Virtual Archives (GGVA) contains images of drawings, sketches, photographs, correspondence, and other historical documents related to the work of the architects Greene & Greene.

Grell/Colefax Collection on Russian Ballet

The collection consists of films, books, photographs, sound recordings, posters, costumes, and artwork related to Russian ballet, chiefly the Bolshoi Ballet Company. Collected by Los Angeles resident Dwight Grell from the early 1950s through the 2000s. Many of the materials...

Gunter (Erica) papers

Collection of letters and photographs collected by Erica (Ricky) Gunter. The bulk of the letters (including telegrams) are from Richard (Dick) Paxton. Gunter was a German Jew who fled Nazi Germany with her brother. She met Paxton in 1944 or...

Hard (Nina) papers

This collection documents the life of Nina Hard, a German dancer, who at one time worked with German artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. The collection consists almost primarily of personal photographs, with some documents such as letters and legal documents.

Harold C. Carey letters

6 letters written by Lieutenant Harold C. Carey, United States Navy, to his mother Thelma and his brothers Pat and Cortez who were living in Inglewood, California, 1942-1943. Letters are primarily concerned with personal and family matters. Such letters give...

Harris (William Torrey) papers

The William Torrey Harris papers, 1857-1909, consists of letters, manuscripts, typescripts, notes, and leaflets collected and created by noted 19th century educator, philosopher and lexicographer William Torrey Harris. In addition to letters from major philosophers of the period, including John...

Hawkins (Anne) papers

This collection contains notebooks, galleys, drafts, and outlines for Anne Hawkins' books about the Pony Express, along with some of her correspondence. Hawkins was a stenographer who lived in Southern California and was the author of , and .

Heras (Antonio) papers

This collection contains the papers of Antonio Heras, who was a professor of Spanish and Spanish Literature at USC from 1925-1950. Heras's papers include manuscripts and typescripts of his articles and stories, research notes, clippings, correspondence and diaries.

Hill (Alice L.) papers

Photocopies of research by Alice Hill, daughter of Robert E. Hill (d. 1945), one of the owners and founder of the Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company (Oklahoma City) and of property above the Oklahoma City pool [oil reserves], into the...

Hill (Gladwin) papers

This collection consists of Gladwin Hill's clippings files on the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and the notes he took while covering their assassinations for in 1963 and 1968. Also included in this collection are magazines and newspapers with features...

Hinman (Mary Wood) collection of English folk songs

The Mary Wood Hinman Collection consists of teaching materials for folk dancing, piano forte and some violin music books, programs for plays, photographs, sheet music, newspaper clippings as well as presidential and American history related items that have been collected...

Hirschman (Jack) papers

Manuscripts of Hirschman's (b.1933) Requiem and Hunger; typescript translations of Russian writer Alexander Kohan; Bukowski ephemera.

History of Hungary collection

Extended essays by various authors, in English or Hungarian, on the modern political history of Hungary, especially during World War II. The essays were gathered by Dr. Frank de Balogh, ca. 1965, as part of USC's "Living History" project.

Hoffman (Abbie) collection

Books, audio and video tapes, and a 1981 screenplay ("A Major Motion Picture") connected with the life of radical leader Abbie Hoffman.

Hoffman (Richard) printing exhibit materials

Examples of various printing processes that were used for an exhibit in Doheny Memorial Library.

Hollywood Bowl and Los Angeles Philharmonic programs

A small group of programs from the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Hollywood Bowl, dated 1915-195

Holocaust Survivors of the Jewish Community of Pest register

Register containing the names, professions, dates of birth and addresses of nearly 54,000 survivors of the Holocaust and Nazi-era persecution in the Jewish community of Pest, Budapest. Budapest became a city in 1872, following the union of Buda and Pest....

Horner (Harry) papers

The Harry Horner papers consist of correspondence, notebooks, sketchbooks, programs, clippings, scripts, and scrapbooks, 1924-2000, created and collected by director and production designer Harry Horner. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, both professional and personal. It also includes...

Howard (James Newton) collection

Extensive collection of film music, television music, and related materials by musician/composer James Newton Howard from 1987 to the present.

Howe (Harriet) papers

Harriet Abott Howe was a life-long writer who published poetry and short essays in Los Angeles and San Francisco newspapers and magazines during the 1890s, but after that does not seem to have been entirely successful in publishing her work....

Hoyningen-Huene (George) photographs

Black and white photographs, mounted, of archeological sites and fashion models by the magazine photographer and film designer (1900-1968).

Hubert (Mrs. L.M.) 19th century popular culture scrapbooks

This fourteen volume scrapbook collection consists of clippings pasted into official reports issued by the US Post Office (the volume numbered 5 is only half filled with clippings, and as such the remainder of the report, "Report of the Pstmaster-General"...

Hughes (Rupert) papers

Archives of the novelist, biographer, screenwriter, and musicologist (1872-1956), including subject files, typescripts, correspondence, published articles, and personal memorabilia. 897 file folders of manuscripts; 219 books by or concerning Rupert Hughes; 36 periodicals.

Hungarian Anti-Semitic legal documents

4 documents produced in Hungary in support of the enforcement of the Anti-Jewish Laws, which Hungary began enacting after 1938.

Huxley (Aldous) papers

This collection contains financial records of Aldous Huxley dated 1957-1962. Huxley was an English writer who moved to Los Angeles in 1937. He was most famous for his novel .

Incunabula and book leaves

Collection of 163 individual, original leaves from incunabula and books dating from the 16th through the 18th centuries.

International Military Tribunal for the Far East records

Background reports, court documents, photographs, maps from the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, May 1946 through February 1947, at the War Ministry Building in Tokyo.

Issler (Anne Roller) papers

This collection contains typescripts for Anne Roller Issler's work on Robert Louis Stevenson's time spent in San Francisco between December 1879 and May 1880. The work, , was published by Stanford University Press in 1949.

Jackson (William Henry) photographs

These 25 mounted photographs, depicting views of Yellowstone National Park, and various lakes and mountains in Colorado, Montana, and Grand Teton National Park, were taken by renowned American photographer William Henry Jackson between 1871 and 1873. They represent part of...

Jacobsohn collection on Germany between the Wars

Papers of Dr. Leo Jacobsohn (1881-1944). The papers consist of the many collections of predominantly print ephemera that Jacobsohn gathered throughout the time he lived in Berlin. Dating mostly from 1914-1933, the collections include World War I materials (including...

Japanese photographs

23 photographs of life in Japan, circa 1880.

Jaskulski (Martin) papers

This collection consists mainly of personal documents regarding Martin Jaskulski, a German Jew, and provides a snapshot of the life of a German Jew before, during, and after World War II.. Much of the documentation relates to his work history...

Jitney Busses scrapbook

This small scrapbook contains clippings, from December 1914 to March 1915, documenting the controversy over lack of regulation of "jitney" buses in Los Angeles. Many of the clippings come from the Los Angeles Times, the Express, the Tribune, and the...

Johnny Tolbert letters

The Johnny Tolbert letters is a collection of 151 letters and four Western Union telgrams sent from United States Army soldier Johnny Tolbert (1924-1989), also known as Johnnie Clifton or J.C., to Ruth Mae Clennell (1925-2000) from San Pedro, California...

Journey from Zero to Infinity works of art

In the fall of 2009, USC's Doheny Memorial Library held an exhibition of twenty framed works of art created by Victor Raphael and Clayton Spada, the artists being inspired by rare works from USC Libraries' Special Collections. When the exhibition...

Kaplan (Robert) political campaign, ballot measure, and fundraising papers

Robert Kaplan is an internationally known campaign, communications and fundraising consultant and advisor who has planned, designed, positioned, directed and executed more than 250 fundraising and capital campaigns, grassroots, voter outreach and other communications programs for a variety of interests....

Kiess (Paul) papers

This collection contains the personal papers of Dr. Paul Kiess. The collection contains personal correspondence and correspondence with Christian organizations in the US, photographs, newspaper clippings, outlines for Dr. Kiess' speeches, and ephemera. Dr. Paul Kiess, a Protestant, was a...

Kline (Samuel H.) papers

Samuel Kline (1837-1917) was a Boston businessman who retired to San Diego, California in 1902. His papers include his detailed memoirs in which he wrote about his two-hundred-year family history, his childhood in upper New York State, his experiences in...

Klinger (Walter A.) papers

The Walter A. Klinger (1912-2003) papers consists of photographs, correspondence, clippings, and typescripts that document the pre-war Austrian lives of Walter, his wife Hertha, and father Adolf; their emigration via Trinidad in the early 1940’s; and from their lives in...

Kohnstamm (Oskar) papers

Papers of Dr. Oskar Kohnstamm, M.D. (1871-1917). The collection is predominantly made up of Dr. Kohnstamm's published work and research in medical journals. It also includes materials that concern both Dr. Kohnstamm and the Sanatorium Dr. Kohnstamm, which he established;...

Kossack family papers

Kossack family photograph album, official Nazi party family tree document, and one page of a letter.

Krueger (June and Gilbert) collection of Civil War letters

The collection consists chiefly of letters addressed to Lovina Obriham of Freeport, Winneshiek County, Iowa, from her brothers, Edwin C., Charles J., Frank W., and Harlow H. Obriham, her cousin and future husband, Chales L. Beebe, and other Union soldiers...

Krueger stammbuch

Stammbuch (friendship album) of a young German girl from Berlin named Krueger, 1830s-1840s, filled with poetry, locks of hair, and drawings....

Kuhn (Bob) 1984 Olympics photographs, ephemera and realia

Photographs and negatives, press passes, press kits, Sports Illustrated magazines, created and collected by photographer Bob Kuhn for the 1984 Olympics.

La C.C.B. presente Adolf Eichmann poster

Poster with skulls and a hand with a five pointed star grabbing another skull. "Adolf Eichmann" is printed in white letters.

Lantern slides collection

Approx. 750 3" x 4" lantern slides on the history of California, reproduced from engravings, drawings, and photographs from the late 19th century.

Left Literature collection of pamphlets and periodicals

Pamphlets, books, and periodicals from Socialist and Communist publishers in the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., 1930s-1950s. Subjects include fascism, atomic weapons, race and labor relations.

Leo Braudy papers

Typescripts and galleys of Dr. Braudy's early monographs "Narrative form in history and fiction: Hume, Fielding & Gibbon" (1970), "Focus on Shoot the piano player" (1972), and "The world in a frame: what we see in films" (1976). Copies of...

Lerner (Arthur) collection on Poetry Therapy

This collection contains publications pertaining to poetry therapy collected by Arthur Lerner, as well as a small amount of his correspondence. Lerner was one of the pioneers of the use of poetry therapy techniques as a form of psychological therapy.

Lert (Richard) papers

This collection consists of Richard Lert's video and audio recordings of performances, rehearsals and lectures, personal papers and his music score library. Lert was born in Vienna and trained as an orchestral conductor in Germany. He moved to the United...

Lessing (Erich) Hungarian Revolution photographs

Photographs created by Austrian photographer Erich Lessing, documenting the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. The photographs were printed in 2006 for an exhibition held at USC Libraries' Doheny Memorial Library commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.

Lewitzky Dance Company records

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Lewitzky Dance Company was formed in 1966 by Bella Lewitzky and gave its last performance on May 18, 1997. The archive consists of papers, films, photographs, costumes, programs, posters, stage plots, and sound recordings....

Lichtig & Englander letters

Letters to the Hollywood agency Lichtig & Englander, many addressed directly to Harry Lichtig, from novelists, screenwriters, editors, actors and actresses. Some of the letters have notes inscribed by the firm regarding action taken. The letters describe the routine business...

Lichty (Lenna) collection on Federico Schroeder Inclan

Draft biography of the Mexican playwright by Lenna Lichty; research notes; letters, 1960-80, from Inclan to Lichty; typescripts of various works by Inclan. Inclan was born in Mexico City, Mexico, in 1910. He studied humanities and electrical engineering at the...

Locklin (Gerald) papers

Gerald Locklin is an American poet and Professor Emeritus of English at California State University, Long Beach and the poetry editor of Chiron Review. From 1965 through 2007, he taught creative writing, 20th-century literature, and literary theory at California State...

London (Jack) papers

The Jack London papers consists of correspondence, typescripts and manuscripts, financial records, pamphlets, photographs, and clippings created and collected by American author Jack London. Also included is a bibliographic card file created for a course on bibliography and research at...

Longstreet (Stephen) papers

Typescripts, manuscripts, galleys, artwork, letters, financial records, and personal material created and collected by writer and artist Stephen Longstreet (1907-2002) over the course of his long career.

Los Angeles Corral of the Westerners records

The Los Angeles Corral of the Westerners was founded in 1946 and promotes the study and understanding of Western history through publications and events. This collection contains correspondence, financial and publication records, photographs, artifacts, scrapbooks and drafts of articles documenting...

Los Angeles theater playbills collection

A collection of 18 Los Angeles theatrical playbills dating from 1917 to 1920. 13 of the playbills from from the Trinity Auditorium, and the remainder come from the Philharmonic Auditorium, the Orpheum, the Gamut Club at the Temple Auditorium, and...

Lowry (Robert) papers

Typescripts and galleys of various books by American journalist, editor, and novelist Robert Lowry (1919-1994).

Maidenberg (Harry F.) scrapbooks

This collection contains six scrapbooks containing clippings, photographs, and ephemera documenting the early history of California. The scrapbooks were compiled by Harry F. Maidenberg, who was an insurance salesman in Los Angeles.

Mailer (Norman) papers

Speeches, correspondence, tape recordings, drafts and galleys connected with Mailer's campaign for mayor of New York City in 1969.

Mansback (Arthur) papers

The Arthur Mansback papers consists of letters, postcards, telegrams, photographs, training materials, and printed ephemera created and collected by Private Arthur Mansback during his tour of duty in the United States Army Expeditionary Forces in France during the second half...

Martinez (Harold) correspondence

26 letters written by Mexican-American solider Harold Martinez between June 1944 nd March 1946 while serving in the military during World War II. Addressed to his brother George, also in the army, and his mother, the letters begin when Harold...

Massary (Fritzi) correspondence

This collection contains the correspondence of Fritzi Massary with her colleague and friend Violet Oldak. It also includes one letter from Liesl Frank, Fritzi's daughter, to Violet Oldak, as well as a newspaper clipping about Fritzi Massary. Violet Oldak played...

Maston (Carl) papers

USC alumnus Carl Maston was an influential Los Angeles mid-century modern architect. Upon graduation, Maston worked for the offices of Floyd Rible, A. Quincy Jones, Fred Emmons, Phil Daniel, and Allied Architects before opening his own office. His homes, shopping...

McElderry (Bruce Robert) papers

Research files of Prof. Bruce Robert McElderry (b. 1900) (USC English Dept.) for his biography of critic Sir Max Beerbohm (1872-1856) (Twayne, 1972). Collection contains working copies of Beerbohm's books.

McMillin (John S.) papers

Letters, documents, testimony regarding Capt. John S. McMillin, his command of the Union steamer "Silver Wave" during the Civil War, and his steam capstan patent.

Medals and medallions collection

British, French, Belgian medals from World War I; other medallions.

Miller (Charles James) papers

Correspondence, ephemera, and photographs related to Russell Meriwether Hughes ("La Meri")-- ethnic dance icon, instructor, friend (and one-time lover) of Charles Miller who saved the materials which comprise this collection. The collection also includes Miller's own research material and dissertation...

Mills (William Hathorn) papers

Composition books containing religious and inspirational verses by Mills (1848-1930), an "English clergyman residing in San Bernardino," ca. 1912-1920.

Mineral King Development records

The collection consists of environmental reports, correspondence, scrapbooks, and other ephemera pertaining to the controversial 1960s development of a 16,000 acre tract of the Sequoia National Forest in Tulare County, California. The materials were created and collected by conservation activists...

Morse (Willard) collection on Ambrose Bierce

Book reviews, journal and newspaper articles (originals and photostats) by and about Ambrose Bierce, journalist and author of The Devil's Dictionary and Tales of Soldiers & Civilians (1891). Willard S. Morse (1856-1935) was a mining executive in the West and...

Morse (Willard) collection on Edgar Lee Masters

Book reviews, journal and newspaper (originals and photostats) by and about Edgar Lee Masters, and an extensive type- and handwritten bibliography of Morse's holdings on on Masters, author of the Spoon River Anthology. Willard S. Morse (1856-1935) was a mining...

Morse (Willard) collection on Henry Van Dyke

Book reviews, journal and newspaper (originals and photostats) articles by and about Henry Van Dyke, and a typewritten bibliography on Van Dyke (1852-1933), minister and author of popular Christmas sermons, essays, and short stories. Willard S. Morse (1856-1935) was a...

Morse (Willard) collection on Sinclair Lewis

Book reviews, journal and newspaper (originals and photostats) articles by and about Sinclair Lewis, and an extensive type- and handwritten catalog of Morse's holdings on Lewis, author and novelist, who was the first American to win the Nobel Prize for...

Morse (Willard) collection on Thomas Nelson Page

Book reviews, journal and newspaper (originals and photostats) articles by and about Thomas Nelson Page, and a typewritten bibliography of works by and about Page, author of short stories, novels, essays, and poetry, who is best known for his role...

Morse (Willard) collection on Vincent Starrett

Book reviews, journal and newspaper (originals and photostats) articles by and about Vincent Starrett, and a typewritten bibliography on Starrett (1886-1974), the author of mysteries and horror stories of the "Chicago Renaissance." Willard S. Morse (1856-1935) was a mining executive...

Morse (Willard) collection on William Dean Howells

Book reviews and periodical appearances (originals or photostats), and an extensive typewritten catalog of Morse's holdings on William Dean Howells, author, editor, and critic, who was widely acknowledged during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as the "Dean of...

Mosk (Richard M.) Warren Commission papers

Richard M. Mosk was a California Court of Appeal Justice who over more than three decades of public service investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, chaired the Motion Picture Classification and Rating Administration that provides the parental ratings...

Nash (John Henry) brochures, folders, and fine books

This small collection consists of announcements, brochures, pamphlets, greeting cards, poems, sketches, fine books, folders, and engravings by various hands designed and printed by San Francisco fine printer John Henry Nash. Nash was a well-known designer, typesetter and printer working...

National Committee to Aid Victims of German Fascism records

Letters, documents, leaflets, clippings created by the National Committee to Aid Victims of German Fascism in New York in 1933. Organized by Workers International Relief in 1933 following the accession to power of Adolf Hitler in Germany, its aim was...

Neumark (Zenon) papers

Two postcards: one from Stanislaw Spoczyinksi in Warsaw to Onura Pettenuzzo (1943) in Milan, the other from Zalman Neumark to Enrico Rosenberg (1942) in Milan. Zenon Neumark is the author of .

Newspaper headlines collection

American newspaper front pages and other clippings for the San Francisco earthquake, the 1918 Armistice, the Lindbergh kidnapping, the war years 1940-45, etc.

Perez (Rudy) archive

The Rudy Perez archive consists of the papers, clippings, programs, books, videos, costumes and photographs from the work of modern dance choreographer Rudy Perez (1929- ), currently based in Los Angeles.

Phelps (Eugenia F.) paper cutting, paper weaving, and card sewing albums

Three accordion-fold albums, each demonstrating one of the "gifts" (educational forms of play) devised by kindergarten originator Friedrich Wilhelm Frobel. Each album bears the name of Eugenia T. Phelps (b. 1894), a kindergarten teacher in the New York City public...

Piano Rolls collection

Piano rolls are spools of perforated paper (or thin film) programmed with music and designed to be played on a mechanically-operated piano, more commonly called a player piano. Player pianos as popular entertainment reached their heyday in the 1920s, although...

Pinkus (Gerhard and Marianne) papers

Gerhard and Marianne Pinkus emigrated from Germany to Los Angeles in the 1930s and began to collect art in the 1940s. After accumulating a small collection of choice (and sometimes rare) finds, Gerhard and Marianne became a major force in...

Poets Garden records

The Poets Garden records contains publications, letters, diaries, and memorabilia of the literary group created by Los Angeles poet Ruth Le Prade. The collection also contains materials relating to the poet Edwin Markham (1852-1940) and the labor and socialist activist...

Political pamphlets collection

The Political pamphlets collection contains published documents from various sources that discuss conflicts and related politics from the mid-twentieth century, with the majority of the documents dated from the 1930s to the 1970s. The documents primarily concern the politics before,...

Postwar German postcards and photographs

Postcards and photographs depicting historic landmarks, churches, landscapes and people in Germany in the postwar period. Also includes some postcards from the United States and France.

Powell (Lawrence Clark) collection

Articles, pamphlets, offprints, and minor bibliophile publications by and about Lawrence Clark Powell, former UCLA librarian (1906-2000).

Presidential campaign ephemera

Fliers, speeches, buttons, etc. primarily from the 1960 party conventions and the presidential campaigns of Kennedy and Nixon; also contains George C. Wallace campaign materials from 1968. Miscellaneous World War I-era political buttons, including buttons for Herbert Hoover and Charles...

Printing and paper samples collection

This small collection consists of fine press keepsakes, clippings, magazines, paper samples, and prints, that presumably served as a teaching or reference collection on printing, both type and image, and use of paper.

Private Schools & Colleges, Southern California, brochures and pamphlets

A bound volume of pamphlets and brochures advertising private schools and colleges in the Los Angeles area for the academic years 1897-1898 and 1898-1899. Included are brochures for St. Agatha's Boarding and Day School for Girls; Classical School for Boys;...

R.A. Rowan & Co. records

R.A. Rowan & Co. was one of the Los Angeles area's earliest and most long-lived real estate development firms, spanning almost a hundred years of the twentieth century. Robert A. Rowan was responsible for founding the company in 1904; the...

Radical newspapers collection

Issues of Berkeley Barb, S-B Gazette, Grassroots, and others from 1966-1976.

Railroad commemorative stone

Section of rail . . . of the first rail-road in America (1826, Massachusetts), attached to a granite block.

Ransenberg (Rolf) papers

Correspondence and personal documents, 1937-1947, created and collected by Rolf Ransenberg. Consisting chiefly of correspondence from the Ransenberg family in Wanneman, Germany to their son Rolf in the United States, the papers also contain along with some personal documents of...

Refugees Bulletin (Menekultek Ertesitoje)

Published in Debrecen, the provisional capital of partly liberated Hungary, "Menekultek Ertesitoje" was dedicated to helping the surviving Hungarian Jews locate missing relatives. The journal was founded by three survivors of forced labor camps. This is the first issue of...

Reich and Hayman family papers

This collection contains the personal papers of Dr. Joseph Reich and his family. It contains photographs and artifacts as well as correspondence, legal documents, and some ephemera, mostly from the period from World War I to World War II. Dr....

Reissner (Eric) papers

The Reissner papers consist of more than 200 letters, many of them in German, written to Eric Reissner (1913-1996), a German-born mathematician. Correspondents include Reissner's father, Hans, a prominent German aeronatuical engineer whose avocation was mathematical physics; Bernhard Hermann...

Remisoff (Nicolas) papers

The Nicolas Remisoff papers includes more than 400 original works, consisting of full-size watercolor drawings, some black and white drawings, and numerous oil paintings. The earliest dated drawing is from 1921. The archive covers all aspects of Remisoff's career and...

Rexall Drugs Merchandising records

This collection consists of the files kept by Joseph A. Hailer over the course of his 60-year career with Rexall Drugs. Most of the files are from his later years with the company, when he was in charge of marketing...

Rexroth (Kenneth) papers

The papers of Kenneth Rexroth, American poet and activist, comprise manuscripts, notes, printed material, publications, correspondence, ephemera, and artwork related to poetry, writing, speaking engagements, and teaching, primarily from the last decade of his life; also included are correspondence, manuscripts,...

Reynolds (D. M.) papers

The D. M. Reynolds Papers provides an inside view of electoral politics with a number of letters from former President Herbert Hoover, circa 1943 about Reynolds' efforts to support then-governor of Ohio, John Bricker, as a Republican candidate for national...

Rice (Craig) papers

Personal and business correspondence; typescripts, ca. 1950-55. Craig Rice (Georgiana Ann Randolph) (1908-1957) published her first book, 8 Faces at 3, in 1939. She married several times; one was to Beat writer Larry Lipton. She became an enormously popular writer...

Richardson (Robert) collection on Southern California Theater

This collection consists of the research files on Los Angeles and Southern California theaters compiled by Robert Richardson. The focus of the files, which contain clippings, statistics, and ephemera, is the physical venues themselves (the theaters).

Rieder (Howard) papers

The collection consists of audiotape recordings and CD transfers of original KUSC-FM broadcasts, 1948-1952, and scripts of several broadcasts; and research materials for Rieder's 1961 master's thesis, "The Development of the Satire of Mr. Magoo." These latter include CDs of...

Right-wing political pamphlets collection

A collection of pamphlets, brochures, flyers, magazines, and printed ephemera discussing various right-wing political topics, including anti-communist activities, the American Nazi Party and white supremacy, anti-semitism, racism, conservative economic policies, and religion. Also includes a few left wing publications.

Robinson (Elizabeth) collection of Bowen and Van Allen family papers

Letters and manuscripts between and created by members of the Bowen and Van Allen families from the 1820s through the 1860s. Correspondents and authors are: Rev. Charles Bowen; his wife Jane Wilson Bowen; her brother David Wilcox; Rev. Bowen's daughter...

Robinson (Ula) collection of dance memorabilia

Collection of 3 programs/publications on Anna Pavlova; two copies of a program of Diaghilev's Ballet Russe, one program for the Mordkin Ballet; and one program commemorating the life of Enrico Cecchetti.

Rolfe (Lionel Menuhin) papers

Articles (some photocopied), ca. 1964 - present, on Southern California literature, politics, entertainment, and Jewish subjects, by journalist Lionel Rolfe (b.1942); includes preliminary studies for Rolfe's Literary L.A., research materials, and related materials by writer Nigey Lennon (b. 1954).

Romney (Edana) Papers

The Edana Romney papers consists almost exclusively of Ms. Romney's research materials for her unproduced screenplay on the life of Sir Richard Burton. Included are journals, notebooks, photocopies of the script at various stages of completion, audiotapes, and correspondence, as...

Roos (Joseph) papers

This collection contains papers documenting the activities of Joseph Roos (1905-1999) from his retirement from the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation Council in 1969 until his death in 1999. These papers include correspondence, research files, memoranda and publications....

Rose (David) papers

David Rose (1910-2006) was a well-known courtroom sketch artist whose work documented some of the most notorious trials of the last half of the twentieth century: Klaus Barbie, Patty Hearst, Sirhan Sirhan, members of the Manson family, John Z. De...

Rozsa (Miklos) collection of music letters, photographs, and other material

The 123-piece collection of rare letters, documents, photographs and manuscripts spanning three centuries of musical history was collected by Miklos Rozsa. Most of the correspondence relates to the composition, performance and business of music. Other writings deal with the mundane...

Runic Stone replica

Plaster replica of a stone with runic inscriptions (10th century Denmark), with transliteration and translation.

Ruskin Art Club records

The Ruskin Art Club was founded October 12, 1888, and is the oldest women's club in Los Angeles. Its original purpose was to study the technique and history of engraving and etching, inspired by founding member Mary E. Boyce's own...

Ryland (Gladys) papers

Materials pertaining to group dances collected by the social worker Gladys Ryland in the 1930s and 1940s.

San Francisco theatre scrapbook

Scrapbook of theatre listings from San Francisco theaters, primaily the Bella Union and the New Bella Union Theatres, but also including the Alhambra and Pacific Theatres (San Francisco) and the Theater Comique in Sacramento. Most of the items are titles...

Schildkraut (Leonora) papers

Leonora Schildraut (nee Rogers) was the third wife of actor Joseph Schildkraut. A musician and actress, she was a member of the Peter Merenblum California Junior Symphony and later appeared in a few motion pictures and acted on the stage....

Schnurmann (family) papers

Alfred Schnurmann (born 1905 in Mulhouse, Alsace-Lorraine) was the son of a prosperous Jewish wool merchant. Alfred attended the university at Konstanz and worked as a salesman of textiles and clothing, settling in Berlin. In 1930 he married Hetta Hertel...

Schramm family papers

This collection contains the documents of the Schramm family, a family of Bessarabian Germans who were moved to German territory during World War II. The documents include pre-war military papers; resettlement documents; naturalization and employment papers; and some letters, including...

Sheet music collection

Bound volumes of songs, ca. 1850; loose sheet music ca. 1848-1950.

Shneidre (Peter) papers

This collection contains the papers of Peter Shneidre, who ran the small poetry press Illuminati Press and who published a number of small poetry periodicals. Shneidre was also a nationally published poet and he corresponded with a number of poets...

Shroyer (Frederick) papers

This collection contains the papers of Frederick Shroyer, who was a professor of English and American Literature at California State University--Los Angeles. His papers include typescripts of some of his novels and two unpublished manuscripts.

Shulman (Irving) papers

This collection contains the papers of the novelist, screenwriter, and biographer Irving Shulman, who is best known for writing the screenplay for . His papers include manuscripts and typescripts of screenplays, short stories, novels, and biographies.

Simonton (Richard) Collection of Welte system-recorded piano rolls

Player piano rolls recorded with the Emil Welte system by prominent European and American musicians, 1905-1920; catalogs of the Welte Company in Freiburg, Germany. The collection was brought to the United States in 1948 by Simonton, and some of the...

Smith (Samuel J.) Civil War diary and snuffbox

From August 1863 to July 1864, Samuel J. Smith, a private in the Confederate Army, kept a pocket diary noting daily events, camp life, news of his family, and the weather. Notable entries include his wounding and the death of...

Society of California Pioneers records

This small collection consists of documents produced by the Society of California Pioneers in support of election activities. The Society of California Pioneers established in 18590 in San Francisco, and was dedicated to the study and enjoyment of the art,...

Speakers' Club of Los Angeles records

This collection contains the records of the Speakers' Club of Los Angeles for the years 1931-1935. Established in 1931, the club aimed to facilitate cooperation between government officials and agencies and the public.

Speier (Hermine) papers

Correspondence of German Jewish archaeologist Dr. Hermine Speier (1898-1989), the first woman employed by the Vatican, who converted to Catholicism and worked under Church protection. The majority of the correspondence is with Speier's lover, Italian airship navigator General Umberto Nobile,...

Sprinkle (Annie) collection

Printed work of the performance artist Annie Sprinkle.

Stamps and stamp catalogs collection

Stamp collections (generalist and U.S.) in albums formerly belonging to Charles F. Weiss, Elsie E. Behrens, and USC President Rufus B. von KleinSmid; stamp catalogs 1903-1940.

Standard Oil Company "See Your West" Scenic Views collection

This small collection consists of photographic prints depicting scenes in the western United States and Canada distributed by Standard Oil Company through Standard and Chevron gas stations. Beginning in 1938, the Standard Oil Company began distributing annually 25 collectible photographic...

Standley (Admiral William H.) papers

These papers document both the personal and professional life of Admiral William H. Standley (1872-1963), naval officer, United States government official and diplomat, and California civic leader.

Star Photo Company Missouri Theatre photograph album

Album of photographs created by the Star Photo Company, St. Louis, depicting interiors of the Missouri Theatre in St. Louis, orchestras, stage scenes from theatrical presentations, and prologues for moving picture programs presented at the theater. Each photograph is captioned...

Stereograph collection

Collection of stereographic views of Europe, the Middle East, India, South Asia, and South America. Also includes some stereograph portraits, miscellaneous and unidentified landscapes, and hunting scenes. Publishers include Keystone View Company, Underwood & Underwood, I.W. Taber, John P. Soule,...

Stereographic Library collection

12 boxes of stereographic views, pre-1920s, classified by countries and geographical areas; some miscellaneous views; stereopticon viewers. From the library of Cecil B. DeMille.

Stewart (George H.) scrapbooks

Collection consists of three scrapbooks created by George H. Stewart containing personal social mementos like tickets, souvenir menus, and acknowledgments and newspaper clippings on political topics.

Stoddard (Alexander J.) papers

This collection contains the papers of Alexander J. Stoddard (1889-1965). His papers include correspondence, reports, speeches, photographs, and clippings documenting his tenures as Superintendent of Schools in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Denver.

Stravinsky (Igor) correspondence on The Rake's Progress

The Igor Stravinsky correspondence on consists of correspondence, dated May 1950 to May 1951, between Stravinsky and his lawyer in New York, L. Arnold Weissberger, concerning the mounting of his opera, . The letters discuss business matters pertaining to the...

Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry publications

This small collection consists of 6 documents produced during the mid 1970s by the Student Struggle for Soviety Jewry, an organization based in New York City that was the first American organization created to help free Russian Jews.

Sully (Robert) papers

Robert Sully was an actor and a designer. In addition to working for such well known firms as Raymond Loewy Associates, he also founded his own design firm, the Argonaut Company. He earned a Masters and Ph.D from Claremont Graduate...

Sutler-Cohen (Sarah) collection of punk and heavy metal music flyers

126 primarily Bay Area and Los Angeles area punk and heavy metal music flyers, ephemera and posters collected by Sarah Sutler-Cohen, a member of the scene in the mid 1980s and early 1990s. Among the bands represented in the collection...

Temperance postcards collection

36 temperance postcards published by A. T. Cook, Seesdman, Hyde Park, New York; the majority were designed by J. O. Hulbert. Temperance postcards were widely distributed by the Women's Christian Temperance Union in the 19th and early 20th centuries to...

Theater playbills

This collection primarily consists of twentieth century theater programs from New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London. However, it also includes nineteenth century prompt books, souvenir programs, and theater programs from the Midwest (especially Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota).

Theater playbills collection

Playbills and clippings documenting theatrical productions, mostly Broadway, from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Theatrical, concert, and movie performances program collection

This small collection consists of programs, brochures, and souvenir programs for theatrical, concert, and movie performances held primarily in Los Angeles and New York City, 1856-1972. It include, but is not limited to, programs and performances of and by MGM,...

Thoreau (Diane) theatre playbills scrapbook

Large scrapbook created by Diane Thoreau containing playbills and programs for theatrical performances in Los Angeles and New York, 1940-1949. Ms. Thoreau was a high school teacher in Ventura County who donated this scrapbook to the USC School of Theatre...

Trow (W. Duane) papers

Notes for articles by Waldo Duane Trow (1880-1963) on scientific pioneers, inventors, etc.; childhood scrapbook from Montana, ca. 1900; letters to public officials, including Presidents from Coolidge to Truman, on social isues, national defense, etc.

Twomey (Juliet Spohn) collection of theatre playbills

Theatre playbills from New York, Los Angeles, and Pasadena. Includes many Federal Theatre Project playbills.

University of Southern California oral histories

Tapes and transcripts of interviews conducted by librarian Dr. Robert Knutson on behalf of the University between 1960-70.

USC Library of Aeronautical History A. F. Miller collection on aviation

The A.F. Miller collection on aviation is one of several such collections acquired for USC Special Collections' Library of Aeronautical History beginning in the 1960s. At that time, several airline officials and retired pioneers of the airline industry donated historical...

USC Library of Aeronautical History George T. Cussen collection on aviation

The collection consists of Cussen's personal scrapbook pages, books and photographs pertaining to the commercial aeronautic industry from the 1930s to the 1950s, and a collection of World War I & II war effort posters and maps. George Cussen worked...

USC Library of Aeronautical History Women's International Association of Aeronautics records

Biographies of early woman aviators, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, scrapbooks, instructional materials; copies of Aerogram, the WIAA publication; personal archives of Elizabeth L. McQueen (Mrs. Ulysses Grant McQueen, d.1958), founder of W.I.A.A. in 1929 and the Women's Aeronautic Association of California,...

Ussher (Bruno David) collection of photographs

Celebrity photographs (classical music and films) autographed to Ussher in the 1930s; Ussher was a musicologist/music critic.

Van Wyck (William) papers

Two scrapbooks, typed poems, correspondence, memoirs, and drafts of published works by William Van Wyck.

Victorian broadsides, manuscripts and pamphlets collection

A collection of broadsides, pamphlets and manuscripts that collectively provide a picture of life in England for both rich and poor during the long 19th century.

Victorian letters collection

One letter sent by George Worms to his father, May 4, 1845, and 9 letters sent by Charles Stuart Cochrane to his solicitor, F.B. Robinson, over the course of 1831. The letter from Worms is writtenfrom a hotel in Dover...

Victorian manuscripts collection

The collection consists of 4 manuscripts: a book of "receipts" for common ailments and common recipes; the manuscript has some pages inserted. A manuscript of questions and answers; the book is turned upside down to read the questions and the...

Voltaire correspondence

A collection of correspondence to and from Voltaire, as well as three pages of poetry written by Voltaire. Many letters in the collection are either to or from Frederick the Great, who was the King of Prussia from 1740-1786. The...

Von Schnorrer zum geheimen Commerzienrath [Jewish caricatures] postcards

8 postcards in original folder, depicting anti-Semitic Jewish caricatures. The front of the folder is stamped "Aus dem judenreinen Gasthof Wutachthal Oberlauchringen, Baden" (from the Jew-free hotel Wutachthal..."). The hotel's name is also stamped on the side margin of each...

Wallace (Irving) papers

This collection contains the papers of the screenwriter and novelist Irving Wallace (1916-1990). His papers include correspondence, research notes, proofs, and typescripts for some of his stories, screenplays, and novels.

Walt Disney Productions and Walt Disney ephemera

This small collection of Walt Disney and Disney Company related ephemera consists of newsletters, posters, book jackets, clippings, prints, comic books, small books, drawings, and miscellaneous printed ephemera that feature Walt Disney-created characters. The material dates from the 1930s and...

Warga (Wayne) papers

Collection contains the papers of Wayne Warga (1937-1994), an entertainment reporter and ghostwriter. His papers include correspondence, research files, novel galleys and typescripts, and taped interviews. He wrote about John Wayne, Natalie Wood, Aaron Spelling and Charles Rosendahl, along with...

Warren (Tatjana M.) papers

This collection contains correspondence between Tatjana M. Warren and German poets Helmut Maria Soik and Ernst Meister. The collection also contains some manuscripts of Meister's and Soik's works.

Watters (Bill) collection of 19th and 20th century autographs and documents

This small collection contains an authorization for the Secretary of State to transfer information to the President of the Republic of Costa Rica pertaining to an individual's citizenship, signed by James Buchanan on February 4, 1858; an autograph with note,...

Watts Writers' Workshop stories, lesson books, and other material

The Watts Writers’ Workshop was founded in 1965 by Budd Schulberg. This collection contains clippings about the workshop and works by Jimmie Sherman, one of the Workshop’s members.

Wayne Thom Photographer negatives, photographs, and other material

The Wayne Thom Photographer negatives, photographs, and other material contains the record of Wayne Thom's prolific career as an architectural photographer and graphic designer. The bulk of the collection consists of Thom's professional photographic work, beginning with his earliest work...

Wemple (Emmet) papers

USC alumnus Emmet Wemple was an influential landscape architect based in Southern California. Wemple and his firm Emmet L. Wemple & Associates had participated in an impressive array of national and international projects, including those for civic master planning, academic...

White (William) collection on John P. Marquand

Books, magazine and anthology appearances by novelist John P. Marquand (1893-1960) together with bibliographic notes on Marquand assembled by Prof. William White.

Wibberley (Leonard) papers

This collection contains the papers of the author Leonard Wibberley (1915-1983). Wibberley wrote over 100 books over the course of his career. His papers include manuscripts, galleys, and typescripts for books written by him.

Wilbur (Richard) poems and photograph

This small collection contains "Two Riddles from Aldhelm," 1975, broadside edition, numbered 41 of 100, signed; "Teresa", 1976, press proof, signed; a photograph of Wilbur at the Grolier Club, 1970, photograph by Elsa Dorfman for her book, "Elsa's Housebook". The...

Wilder (Thornton) letters

This collection consists of correspondence between Elfrida “Elfy” Stoeger-Joseph, her former husband Rudolph “Rudy” Joseph, and Thornton Wilder, 1945-2011. The correspondence of this collection ranges from about 1945 to 1974, which also corresponds to the years of Elfy and Rudy's...

Wilson (Henry L.) Papers

Correspondence, clippings, publications, photographs from the career of diplomat Henry Lane Wilson (1859-1932), with particular reference to U.S. relations with Mexico, including the "El Chamizal" border dispute....

Wisconsin clippings scrapbook

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings. Subjects include political and social events in Wisconsin and the United States, obituaries, statistics, and cartoons.

WITN-TV letters to Santa Claus

775 letters written to Santa Claus by children living in eastern North Carolina in 1964. The letters were sent to NBC affiliate WITN-TV (Channel 7) in Wilmington, NC, which had promised to forward the letters on to Santa. Many were...

Wolff (Harry K. Jr.) papers

Harry K. Wolff Jr. was a Jewish lawyer from San Francisco who was a member of "C" Battery 120 AAA Gun Batallion, 3rd Army. His unit was initially under the command of General Omar Bradley, and ultimately General George Patton....

Wonderland Award Submissions collection

The Wonderland Award Submissions Collection is comprised of nearly 250 student entries for the annual contest related to Lewis Carroll. The award was established in 2004 with the sponsorship of Linda Cassady. The primary purpose of the Award is to...

Woodhead (J.E.) collection of Roycroft Press and Elbert Hubbard materials

This small collection contains letters, essays, broadsides, clippings, and photographs, created by and for Elbert Hubbard, an American writer, publisher, and philosopher, and founder of the Arts and Crafts community of Roycroft. The materials were collected by J.E. Woodhead in...

Woodhead (J.E.) papers

Correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks of Woodhead's business and manufacturing career with the Lamb Knitting Machine Company; records of the Cosmic Publishing Company and the Western Society for Psychical Research; correspondence on the Columbian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago; correspondence, indexes, catalogues,...

Work Around the World Educational Club for International Police records

Scrapbook, share certificates, and other documents relating to the founding of Work Around the World Educational Club for International Police (WAWEC), by Captain Walter Wanderwell in 1932, to monitor world disarmament and provide educational opportunities overseas.

World War I ephemera from Germany

Miscellaneous household packages and containers from Germany, ca. 1918; cloth samples; emergency German coinage from the end of the war.

World War I German-American Nurse's diary

Diary of a German-American nurse who served in Europe during World War I. The first entry, dated September 1, 1914, was written on board ship and describes the beginning of her trans-Atlantic journey. The latest entry is dated May of...

World War I pamphlets collection

World War I pamphlets, mostly British or American, on military strategy, diplomacy, occupied countries, the home front, economic effects of the war, atrocities, the "clean peace," religion and the war, the navy, war crimes, censorship, speeches by leaders such as...

World War I photograph albums

5 photograph albums containing over 500 photographs and related ephemeral items. The first three albums were created by photojournalist Robert Sennecke and are propagandistic in nature, with images from the front showing officers, war heroes, weaponry, politicians, and soldiers; all...

World War II anti-Jewish documents

Three sets of documents aimed at, or documenting, the fate of Jews in Europe during World War II. Two of the documents (bound correspondence from Gestapo Headquarters and the list of partisan Jewish doctors) are in German; the broadside is...

World War II collection of maps and memorabilia

German maps and aerial reconnaissance data from the bombing raids on England.

World War II photograph albums and report

13 photograph albums and one report containing over 1700 individual photographs. Ten are personal albums of Nazi serviceman; one is the personal album of an American serviceman depicting American allied forces. Two albums are of official Nazi party or press...

Wright (Kenneth L.) papers

This collection contains the correspondence of Veramay Spencer and her U.S. Army boyfriend Kenneth Wright beginning in the year of 1953 and ending in 1955. It also includes letters from his mother Mrs. Carl C. Wright and friends that he...

Wurmser (Major Alfred G.) collection of Nuremberg Trial documents

This collection of documents on the Nuremberg Trials was collected by Captain (later Major) Alfred G. Wurmser, a staff member of the British War Crimes Executive. The collection contains signatures of defendants and legal staff, letters, photographs, a report, and...

Zamorano and Roxburghe Clubs publications and ephemera

Keepsakes, bibliographies, and printed ephemera produced and collected by members of the Zamorano and Roxburghe Clubs. The two bibliophilic societies have sponsored the printing of announcements, keepsakes, and letterpress items by their members, to be distributed amongst the memberships as...

Zine collection

Zines, flyers and printed ephemera produced in California, 2012-2017. These include the Los Angeles Archivists Collective; Skid Row Zine number 1, Sense/Self; Wild Librarian Bakery & Bookstore Zine; Gallective; Paradies Khanmalek; Luis Antoni Pichardo; Lee Noble; Garnet Hertz's Critical Making;...

Zinner (Christa) photographs

Christa Zinner was a well-known fashion and advertising photographer from the 1940s through the 1970s. Her photographs appeared in many popular magazines and newspaper supplements including Ebony, Look, Life, Harpers Bazaar, Sports Illustrated, TV Guide, etc. The collection consists of...