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Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration, UC Santa Barbara
University of California
Harder South 9615
Santa Barbara, California 93106
Phone: 805-893-2506
Fax: 805-893-4222
Email: None
Physical collections: 6
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Beittel (Will) Papers

Lecture materials, clippings, propagation and planting notes, and photographs relating to trees and shrubs growing in Santa Barbara County, and especially plants grown by Will Beittel, former Santa Barbara City Arborist and Nurseryman at UCSB.

Boyce (Carol) Papers

This collection consists of environmental and botanical data, photographs, and historical information about the Campbell Estate and the dunes surrounding the Coal Oil Point Reserve area at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Brigger (A.L.) Papers

A small collection of letters, receipts, photographs, and notes removed from Brigger's book collection form this manuscript collection.

Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve records

These records were created and maintained by Wayne Ferren, Associate Director of the UCSB NRS from 1997 to 2001and Reserve Manager of the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve 1987 to 2001. They are arranged alphabetically in four series....

Sweeney (Beatrice) Papers

Outgoing academic and professional correspondence, including reviews, of Beatrice Sweeney, Professor of Biology, written from 1971-1978.

UCSB Greenhouse Acquisition Records

Accession records compiled by UCSB Greenhouse manager John Bleck from 1978-1997 (nos. 78-001 to 97001). Data include botanical name, source, and form of plant (whole plant, cutting, seed)....