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Welga Project, Filipino American Archive and Repository, UC Davis
3102 Hart Hall
One Shields Avenue
Davis, California 95616
Phone: (916) 600-3868
Email: ajsarmiento@ucdavis.edu
Collections with online items: 2
Physical collections: 2
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Agtang (Lorraine) collection

Lorraine Agtang is Mexican/Filipino American labor activist from Delano, California. Agtang worked closely with the United Farm Workers during the 1970s, serving as the first manager for the Paolo Agbayani Retirement Village and as a labor organizer in California's Central...

Mabalot (Linda) collection

Linda Mabalot, a Filipino American activist and documentarian who created numerous Filipino American documentaries while at Visual Communications. Mabalot worked on several Filipino American documentaries and projects, including Manong (1977) and Planting Roots: a Pictorial History of Filipinos in California...